Welcome to Croad Accountants

Croad Accountants have been providing its clients with value for money and a personal, friendly service for over 20 years. If you have a tax or business problem that you would like to discuss, get in touch with us to book a FREE Initial Consultation. We will be able to tell you there and then whether or not we can help you. Hopefully we will be able to put your mind at rest or at least give you hope for the future. Don’t be afraid to call because of costs, as we can arrange a payment plan if finances are tight and our charge out rates, as far as we know, are very competitive. We have noticed cut-price offers on the web but we know what we do for our clients and good work does take time. The old adage “You get what you pay for” is probably true for these packages on the web. We prefer our clients to have sound advice. If you have a problem things may not be as bad as you think. You will only know your true position if you take advantage of that free initial consultation.

“Croad Accountants was founded in 1988 by Ray Croad and the practice has gradually grown over the years by offering clients not only value for money but also a personal, friendly service. We have built up a team that has an immense amount of experience in all aspects of accountancy work.”

The practice is one of only a few that have dealt with what was known as Special Compliance Office. Whilst we prefer to avoid investigations by producing accurate accounts and tax returns, the whole nature of the Revenue’s attitude towards taxpayers is such that some investigations are inevitable. To minimise the impact of these investigations on client’s finances we offer a form of insurance to cover the cost of most types of investigation.

As a firm we believe in the provision of accurate and up to date information. To assist us in this respect we use Consultants who are experts in their field. From VAT to Insolvency we believe we know the right people.