Our team are always here to help…

Below are the comments of our staff. I believe that we have a great team here and let me be the first to tell you what I do.

Ray Croad – Director

Ray Croad

“I attend to the final accounts and taxable profit calculations for sole traders, partnerships and Limited Companies. I also get involved in advising clients on their various business problems including Management Reports, Income Tax, VAT, Corporation Tax, Inheritance Tax, Finance and Cash Flow Forecasts. We are a busy office but we are always looking to help existing clients and to obtain new clients. There is always a great sense of achievement when we are able to successfully deal with a client’s problem. An example of a recent success is when we were able to obtain for a new client exception from having to register for VAT, despite having recently gone over the registration limit, owing to the fact that anticipated sales for the next 12 months would not be near the registration limit.”

Sue Beech – Director

Sue Beech“As a director of the company it falls on me to ensure that the staff and I maintain the very high standard of work that Ray Croad insists upon. I also attend to this company’s administration and the preparation of accounts for Ray to review and complete. If that were not enough I also attend to the management accounts for numerous clients. Whilst we are a busy office we always have time to attend to clients telephone queries although Ray is not always able to attend to calls immediately.”

Benny Rodenhurst

Benny Rodenhurst“I have been attending to tax returns for longer than I like to think. It is a lot different now than when I started in the Revenue and the introduction of the software that we use is of great benefit to us and to tax payers. I prepare the tax returns for individuals as well as the owners and partners of businesses, large and small as well as Directors of Limited Companies. I like to think that we have attended to most types of tax problems but we accept that each person is an individual and that their affairs are personal to them.”

Kym Holland

Kym Holland

“I attend to a number of jobs in the office. Some of my time is taken up working on the monthly and quarterly management reports with the rest mainly attending to salary and wage calculations. At this office we attend to the salaries and wages for quite a number of clients and none of them are the same. The experience we have built up over the years is immense and I doubt that there is any problem that we have not already dealt with but you never know. There could be a challenge out there for me”

Jack Pittwood

Jack Pittwood“I attend to some wage and salary calculations but mostly deal with work on the management reports that we prepare. This work varies from Bank and Cash account reconciliation to posting of Sales receipts, Purchase Invoices and the allocation of Purchase Payments. I have almost completed my AAT studies and will update this site when my final results are known in the coming months.”

Lesley Voller

Lesley Voller“My role at present is to ensure that the Trade Creditors of clients using our management reports facility are correct. I have to check supplier statements against our records and to check with the client why invoices or credit notes have not been advised to us. This is an important role as it is a check to ensure that book-keepers are not attempting to post false invoices and then pay themselves as if they were the supplier. Where only the client is involved it is an aid for them to ensure that invoices or credit notes do not go astray.”